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Regulated Cannabis Practice Group Examines Implications of PA's Medical Marijuana Law for Health Care Providers for The Legal Intelligencer on Oct. 11

In April 2016, Pennsylvania enacted ground-breaking legislation on medical marijuana production and distribution that will have a far-reaching impact on the health care industry in Pennsylvania. In The Legal Intelligencer's October 2016 Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Supplement, Robin Locke Nagele, Barbara Rowland, Andrea M. Kirshenbaum, Elizabeth M. Hein, and Amalia V. Romanowicz of Post & Schell's Regulated Cannabis Practice Group, examined the related legal concerns for health care providers from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. 

The authors note: 

"Pennsylvania’s new legislation, once the regulations are finalized, will enable health care providers to conduct medical research, and to prescribe medical marijuana for a variety of conditions under state law. However, given how much remains to be learned about its pharmacologic properties, and certainly in light of its continued status as a Schedule I controlled substance, health care providers must proceed carefully and with a full appreciation of the attendant legal risks."