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Sid Steinberg and Dan Thornton Examine How Offensive Comments Impact Employment Litigation for The Legal Intelligencer

In the February 12, 2019 article, "Pregnant Employee Surmounts Summary Judgment Based on Supervisor's Comments," for The Legal Intelligencer, Sidney R. Steinberg and Daniel F. Thornton examine a recent case in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania involving alleged pregnancy discrimination and FMLA retaliation. 

The authors note:

"When a pregnant employee invokes her rights, her employer must be scrupulous in honoring them. This issue was recently addressed in May v. PNC Bank...where the court denied summary judgment based primarily on a supervisor’s disparaging comments to a pregnant subordinate. Best practices to address this issue include requiring an HR consult whenever an employee invokes her leave rights, regularly training all supervisors on harassment, and regularly reminding all employees of where and how to report harassment."

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